Edible Flint wants to help residents of Flint and Genesee County to have access to healthy food. One of the best ways for that to happen is for people to grow their own gardens. Nothing beats something fresh picked from your own backyard garden, and Edible Flint is offering garden starter kits for just $15 that include everything you need to start a nice garden.

You don't need a huge yard to grow food. A 30 x 50 foot plot will give you enough produce to enjoy during the summer months and still be able to put some away for the winter months.

The garden kits will be available through the Michigan State University Extension while 200 of them last. MSUE is located in the GcCARD Building, 605 N. Saginaw, suite 1a, Flint, 48502. They are open m-f 8am to 1pm.

Inside the garden starter kits are 24 kinds of vegetable seeds, 11 seedlings, and information on how to grow them successfully.
$70 worth of garden materials for just $15. If you've ever thought about starting a garden, here's a great reason to go for it!

Details: (810) 244-8547. Email: gardenstarters@edibleflint.org or www.edibleflint.org

You can do this. Your thumb is greener than you think it is.