When women of a certain generation think of an Easy Bake Oven they remember that darn light bulb. They also can't forget runny cakes and undercooked brownies. However, those problems could be gone forever with the new 2011 version.

Check out the new sleeker model after the jump.

This is not the same Easy-Bake Oven you remember from 1963 with a carrying handle and a fake stove top. Now, the oven is purple and it has curves along with snazzy graphics. Perhaps most shocking of all, the toy comes with a new instruction: No light bulb necessary.

Why did Hasbro change the Easy-Bake Oven?

Chalk it up as an unintended consequence of the federal government's move to phase out the incandescent light bulb.

About the size of a big bread box, the new Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven is clearly designed to fit on any kitchen counter. The only catch being, is a parent  willing to shell out $49.99? That's a steep hike from the last model's price tag of $29.99. Check out the video highlights.