In this newly discovered interview featuring actor Dustin Hoffman, the iconic actor reveals how much his role as "Tootsie" changed his idea of female beauty, and his "brainwashed" male reaction to it.In a 2012 interview for the American Film Institute, Dustin Hoffman offers new insight into how his role as an unattractive woman in the 1982 movie "Tootsie" made him reconsider how he treated women based on their looks alone. Hoffman calls it an epiphany, and during a conversation with his wife he remembers saying that he probably missed the opportunity to meet some very interesting women because he had been "brainwashed", and because the woman "did not fulfill physically the demands that we're brought up to think women have to have in order to ask them out." Hear this startling revelation, and more in the interview below.



What do you think of Dustin Hoffman's interview? Do you think that a lot of men pass up the opportunity to meet a fantastic woman based on her physical looks alone?