Okay, this is quite the story. Think this lady must have watched "The Hangover" a bit too many times.

You just cannot make this stuff up. Over the weekend, a drunk lady snuck into Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium to pet a tiger. Yes, you read that right. She wanted to pet a tiger.

Jacqueline Eide, entered an unauthorized area in the zoo and proceeded to make her drunken dreams come true by trying to pet a tiger. Through investigation, it was found out that Eide, reached into the tiger's cage to pet him. Well, the tiger did what tigers do and bit the crap out of her hand.

Eide was transported to a nearby hospital by a friend, which I am sure is the same friend she told to, "hold my beer and watch this." The zoo and police are investigating the incident, but so far she was cited for criminal trespass and remained in the hospital for treatment.

As for the tiger, here's what the zoo said on their Facebook page:

Thank you everyone for your concerns about Mai, our Malayan tiger. Mai will remain on display as normal and go about life as usual. No action will be taken against her.

This lady is so lucky that this tiger didn't make her a late night snack. But then again, she probably tasted like cheap whiskey.