Dr. Thomas Haller, our parenting and relationship expert shared some fantastic advice on the perfect Valentines Day gift yesterday morning.

His simple (and free) ideas might just turn everyday into Valentines Day for you and your special someone!

Dr. Tom has been a regular guest on the Cars 108 morning show for almost two years, and he's our "to go" guy when it comes to questions about relationships and parenting. It seemed only natural to ask him what his idea of a perfect Valentines Day gift would be. The answer was surprising. Turns out, you can't buy it in a store and it works for any budget.

Rod's reaction was typical for a guy, and I suppose that mine was typical for a woman...which proved Dr. Tom's point perfectly!

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Ladies...you should reassure your guy that you admire him just as much today as the day you met him. Stroke his ego. He'll love you for making him feel needed.

Guys...listen up, literally. Always let your lady know that she's worth listening to. Don't just watch her lips move while you're wondering whats on TV tonight.
Hear her!

Dr. Tom also referenced a great video called "It's Not About The Nail." It's a humorous and classic illustration of how men and women communicate. I dug it up so that you can watch it below.