I've always thought that a dog's mouth was very clean. That must be a very popular old wives' tale, and I guess when you stop to think about it, and it doesn't really make that much sense. Look at where a dog puts his mouth! But did you know that it's a really bad idea to let your dog kiss you on the mouth. You could catch something.

Medical experts tell us now that sharing a kiss with your dog on the mouth could cause an exchange of harmful bacteria that could lead to gum disease. Research done last year found a potentially harmful microbe found only in dogs in 16% of the dog owners in the study. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth decay. Good oral hygiene lessens the risk of gum disease. Older dog owners and those with a compromised immune systems should avoid kissing their dog on the mouth.

Will this story change the way that you interact with your dog?