The book 'I Didn't Kill My Baby,' is the story of Corrine Baker, mother of Dominick Calhoun who was killed in April 2010 by her then live-in boyfriend, Brandon Hayes. In the book, written by Laura Schupbach Oullette and published by Xulon Press, Baker says she did not kill her son.

Here's an excerpt, in which she says she's attempting to help others avoid situations like hers:

“If my story can help another mother and child get free from a life of victimization and abuse, then I believe there’s a purpose I’m still alive, and something good can come from all of this madness and heartache. Maybe I can help someone from making the same bad choices I did.”

Baker says she's innocent because she did not physically harm the boy herself. The mother is said to have ignored pleas for help from her son, and allowing Hayes' abuse to continue for days without reporting or stopping it.

Hayes was convicted on all ten counts with which he was charged in the beating death of the boy in April, 2010. Baker accepted a plea deal in 2011, copping to second degree murder and second degree child abuse.

An online petition started by Harold Hampton III from Flint seeks to urge bookstores and retailers to refuse to carry the book.

The book is currently available at Amazon. As of this writing, the book has received no more than one star from Amazon users who've submitted their reviews.

- George McIntyre
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