I'm sure everyone remembers Dominick Calhoun, the boy who died as a result of child abuse. His mom and her then boyfriend have been charged and in the meantime, Dominick's grandparents have been pushing for laws to increase punishment for child abusers. The Calhoun family will be going to Lansing tomorrow to help get the word out to the people that child abuse affects, according to a press release.

They're hoping lawmakers will pass Dominick's Law to protect victims of child abuse and to make sure child abusers have stricter punishments. Dominick's family talks about how they started this journey:

"After Dominick's death, Facebook pages came up in memory of Dominick. We started getting support from families of other children that have gone through similar situations. These many conversations drove our family to fight harder to change the way things work."

If you're not working tomorrow, the Calhoun family invites you to join them in Lansing at 1pm on the front steps of the Michigan Capitol. Hopefully this new law will be passed very soon.