Cesar Millan is a very successful man. But his life has not been without its' struggles. In a forthcoming documentary, set to air on National Geographic Wild later this month, he reveals the circumstances that lead him to consider suicide.

Two things happened in the life of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, in 2010. The first was the death of Big Daddy, his beloved, sixteen-year-old pit bull. Cesar was devastated by Daddy's death in February, and says that the dog "was my Tibet, my Himalaya, my Gouda, my Buddha, my source of calmness." The second traumatic event occurred in June of that year, when Millan learned that his wife of sixteen years had filed for divorce. "I was at the lowest level I had ever been emotionally and psychologically." he admits, and he attempted suicide with a drug overdose.

Cesar shares more of his life is an upcoming documentary, 'Cesar Milan:The Real Story', set to air on the National Geographic Wild Channel on November 25.