This is not only cleaver, but it's probably one of the cutest dog trick videos I have seen in a long time. My dog Claire would never sit through this trick, she loves treats way to much. The star of the show is a Golden Retriever named Ginger.


Watch this really cute video after the jump.

My thought is, that biscuits are not Gingers favorite treat or she has remarkable self-control.

In a trick some viewers have called cruel, Ginger patiently allows her master to place biscuit after biscuit on her nose until she is balancing a seven-inch tower of treats. In a second clip she repeats the feat lying on her back.

The man in the video claims the dog belongs to his girlfriend, but that he is responsible for teaching her the amazing trick.

Just a side note, Ginger only gets 3 treats for her performance, not all 36.

Check out the video below.