Here we go, no more blue contact lenses. I'm very surprised this discovery didn't come along sooner. I guess the next logical question would be, are you going to change your eye color to blue? Dr. Gregg Homer has been working on the technology for 10 years.

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Stroma Medical in Laguna Beach, California, says it can use laser technology to change brown eyes to blue -- permanently -- without damaging vision. Dr. Homer says it is possible because even brown-eyed people have blue eyes underneath the brown layer of pigment.

When laser energy is absorbed by the eye's brown pigment,  the pigment tissue changes and then the body sheds the altered tissue, changing brown eyes to blue within two to three weeks. Better make sure blue is the color you want your eyes to be because the brown tissue never regenerates.

Researchers believe the procedure will be available outside the United States in 18 months, and in the U.S. in three years. It will cost about $5,000. Thousands of people have already emailed the Dr.  expressing interest.

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