Funny how time passes us by, isn't it? Do you recognize this rock star? You might not if you weren't listening to the radio in the 50's or 60's, but this legend is one of the top rock stars of all-time. According to Billboard statistics he ranks #11 all-time, higher than these rock stars that you may know: At #11, he surpasses the chart success of people like Marvin Gaye, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and the Beach Boys. His name, in case you don't know, is Pat Boone. He had 38 Top 40 hits in his career, 6 #1's, and 10 gold records. His daughter Debbie Boone also had a monster hit in the 70's with, "You Light Up My Life", which played at virtually every wedding for years. He is one of the top rock stars of all-time and virtually obscure today!