Apparently, your family would like you to. Two thirds of them, in fact.

A new poll has found that 66% of Americans say phones should be banned from special occasions like Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas.

Elderly women are in favor of the ban the most with 85% of women 65 and over saying that phone checking should be ruled out from family holiday events.

It also found that 30% of people check their phones during special occasions (I think that's probably MORE than 30% and people just aren't owning up to it), with women more likely to check than men.

Not gonna lie, I have my phone on me at almost all times...but I actually use it more for the camera. It's the only camera I have! Would you put your phone away for holidays? We're having friends over for Thanksgiving and I was thinking about putting out a basket for everybody to drop their phones in. What do you think?

Jeffrey Coolidge via Getty Images