Candy always rocks. Especially, when it comes from a great person just for kicks.

I run into a lot of people due to my job. I always meet great people, but Patty here, she takes the cake. She always stops into the station to get Seize the Deal certificates. She loves to get them deals all while she has a smile and an offering of a few kind words.

Before the break for the holiday, she stopped in to deliver a few goodies and cards just for fun to us. I thought that was wonderful, and to tell you the truth, I kind of teared up a little bit because I was kind of having a rough day and this card and candy just helped cheer me up. That kind of got me thinking. I'm sure she knew she was doing a nice thing, but she had no idea how it uplifted my day.

It just goes to show that when you do something nice, it can have an even bigger impact than you think. I think we should all be just like Patty and be better to one another. Thank you again Patty!