Lassie could always sense when Timmy was in trouble.  Benji could always tell when there was trouble.  I have a 9 month old Irish Wolfhound named Claire, I know for a fact she can tell when I am having a stressful day.  Of course, she can also tell when I have just had a ham sandwich, or when I have been petting another dog.  The other day I was having one of the worst days I could remember - I came home so upset and troubled, that whole afternoon Claire would not leave my side.  It was almost as if she knew I was not myself, as a result, she was extra affectionate and behaved especially well for a puppy.

Two-thirds of dog and cat owners say that about their pets; forty-three percent say the same about bad news.  Seventy-two percent of dog owners said they've gotten weather warnings from their pets, compared to 66% of cat owners.  Sure, I have always thought dogs could read a weather map better than cats.

I am a dog lover, not a dog nut.  Having said that, I do believe there are limits to what pets are capable of doing, however when one finally talks to me, all bets are off.