I know it's weird to have a deer as a pet. 'Lilly' the deer is not only a pet but she lives inside the house. DNR says no way.Lilly the deer's mother was hit and killed by a car five years ago. As the mother deer lay dying she gave birth to two fawns, one died, the other was in rough shape. Police were called and when asked if the homeowners could try to save the deer. The officer replied you can try although the fawn probably won't live more than 15 minutes.

That was five-years ago. Neighbors in the area have no problem with the couple having a deer as a pet. A guest of a neighbor was visiting, saw Lilly and called the DNR. That's where the trouble began.

The DNR says the two choices for Lilly are to be rehabilitated back into the wild, or she will have to be put down. Not much in the choice department. The couple has retained an attorney in hopes that they will be able to keep Lilly.

Do you think they should be allowed to keep Lilly? Meet Lilly in the video below.