Video of a 9-year-old boy who says he has drunk 18 cans of a premixed whiskey/cola product is disturbing internet viewers across the world. The New Zealand boy also brags about smoking marijuana.

When a nearby girl tells the interviewer that he's allowed to drink by his aunt, and that his aunt supplies the boy with alcohol, he shows aggression toward her.

The boy's father is separated from his mother, and says he seldom sees his son. He was appalled when shown the video.

"My heart is ripping out at the moment, I'm trying to hold it together. It's hard. I haven't seen my boys in that long, you know, and to have somebody ring me up stating that they've seen my son on YouTube wasted as [expletive], as it says on there - to me, that's an unfit mother, right there."

The man who uploaded the video says he did so to bring awareness of the issue.


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