There's a story going around online right now that says a Henderson, Kentucky woman loves Walmart so much, that she named her baby after the Superstore.

Darla Hart supposedly named her baby 'Walma' as a tribute to the chain. Say it quickly. "Walma Hart." Yup.

“I just love Walmart. They have a great selection! Everything I need! And they’ve saved me so much money over the years and have such friendly customer service that I just wanted to repay them by naming my new daughter Walma Hart.”

Does Darla have a shopping cart on her front porch, or a front porch on her shopping cart?

As for the source of this story, I'm not sure how credible really is. It very well may be a satirical website, and this story is quite possibly fake. I didn't spend a lot of time researching it, because I really really really want it to be true!

Don't you just love the Internet?
- George McIntyre
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