Christina Anderson received a settlement of more than $50,000 after her younger brother's death. Now the Detroit woman has been denied access to her money, because Bank of America says they have the discretion to investigate any activity their employees deem suspicious.

After making multiple withdrawals without any issues, Anderson said a teller asked her how she had gotten the money.

"The guy behind the counter started asking me where did I get the money from, and a bunch of questions," she says. "And I told him, I feel that's none of his business, so I'm going to go to another branch where I feel more comfortable."

Then Anderson was told her account was frozen, and being investigated for fraud.

"I feel like you guys are discriminating against me; is it because I'm black?" she tells Detroit's WJBK as she recounts her conversation with the bank's employee.

Anderson has been told that the bank's investigation may take as long as a year.