Justin Verlander only gave up one run last night.  That's usually good enough to win.  The Angels' Dan Haren didn't give up any as the Tigers could only manage two measley hits.  Angels 1, Tigers 0. 

The game was filled with questionable calls from the umpires, including one that led to the only run of the game.  In the second inning, Howie Kendrick hit a ball to short that Jhonny Peralta had to range to his right to field.  He made a strong throw to first beating the runner, but umpire Joe West called him safe.  Replays showed that West got the call wrong.  Willie Aybar was the next batter, and lined a double to right that scored Kendrick.  Manager Jim Leyland was ejected from the game.  So was Verlander, after he was taken out in the 8th inning.  Even Rick Porcello was tossed and he wasn't even in the game!  Bobby Abreu of the Angels was also ejected for questioning the home plate umpire's strike zone. 

The Tigers missed another opportunity to gain ground on first-place Cleveland, as the Indians lost to the Yankees.  The White Sox also lost, another missed opportunity to put some distance on them.

The Tigers and Angels will wrap up their 3-game series with an afternoon game today starting at 3:35.  Brad Penny will start for the Tigers hoping to prevent the Angels from sweeping us.