Frank Cybulski recently received a small package in the mail:  A hunting knife he lost more than four decades ago when he was a soldier in Vietnam. The knife was a present sent by his parents when Cybulski was just 20 years old.

“I opened it up and pulled the knife out. That’s when I started crying."

Cybulski told the Detroit News he was hospitalized and sent home after being severely burned by an explosion triggered by Vietnamese soldiers. The knife was picked up by a fellow Sergent, Loyd Cates, who eventually returned to his home state of Texas. Four decades later, Cates used Facebook to track down Cybulski.

"My grandson just turned 2 years old, and it’s very important to me to walk that wall and touch it with him,” Cybulski told the newspaper. “I want to place that knife at the wall in Washington and leave it there.”

- George McIntyre
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