Fox 2 in Detroit had the cameras rolling again, only this time they caught defense workers not car builders. After a hard morning building parts for U.S. military Humvees and airliner roofs, the workers at Tower Defense and Aerospace took a much needed lunch break and wind down. But video footage reveals that at least 17 of them chilled out a little too much.

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They walked to a nearby grocery store where they downed beer and toked marijuana. Then, after an hour, the employees went right back to work making important components for machines that troops and air passengers will entrust with their lives.

WJBK Fox 2 in Detroit caught the workers partying with booze and drugs out in the open as they waited to go back to work.

The plant where they work makes parts for armored military Humvee trucks and Stryker infantry carriers. The factory also produces molds used to make roofs for Airbus A330 airliners, which carry up to 335 passengers. Tower Defense and Aerospace officials suspended the workers after the video aired.

Check out the video that busted the workers