The demolition date for the Genesee Towers has been set according to an announcement from Uptown Reinvestment Corporation which owns the building. Flint's tallest building at 19-stories will be blasted on Sunday, December 22nd at 10 a.m. using an implosion process designed to allow the building to collapse within its own footprint.The demolition of the Towers will pave the way for the construction of Exploration Park and coincides with the redevelopment of the neighboring Flint Journal properties that will house the new Flint Farmers Market, MSU Health programs, lofts and retail.

URC President Tim Herman says the community should look past the nostalgia and see the benefits that will come from the demolition. "We're about a month out from changing the downtown Flint skyline," said Herman. "Soon we'll look back on this historic occasion and recognize it as one of the key events that helped to eradicate blight and encourage new growth. The redevelopment plan will bring new life to downtown Flint and a safer place for workers and families to enjoy the outdoors."

Are you excited to see the Towers come down? Will you go and watch?