In his tweet, fresh from a shower, on early Sunday morning, Fox journalist Geraldo Rivera bragged "70 is the new 50!"

You be the judge...he included a "selfie", half nude picture in his tweet!

Hit "read more" if you're as morbidly curious as I was!

Geraldo claimed bragger's rights when he posted on his Twitter account that "70 is the new 50" along with is semi nude "selfie" picture.

He must have had second thoughts fairly quickly when he continued the twitter post be saying "Erica and the family are going to be so pissed, but at my age...

Erica is his current wife, and that twitter feed has been deleted.

I am a relentless journalist in my spare time, however, and I managed to find the half naked Geraldo picture.

Geraldo Rivera - Twitter

Love me or hate me for finding the picture, but how do you think Geraldo looks at the age of 70?

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