Firearm deer hunting season starts next Tuesday, November 15th in Michigan. Hundreds of thousands of hunters will take to the woods hoping to bag a trophy buck or to at least put some meat in their freezer. Deer hunting season is a big boost to our state's economy, as many hunters travel from out of state to try their luck and bag a buck. There are a few things that every hunter should do before hitting the woods and fields on opening day.
First and foremost, you need to buy a hunting license. You can pick one up at any sporting goods store, hardware store, bait shop and lots of other places. You can buy one just about anywhere in Michigan, so make sure you do. Another thing every hunter should do is head to the nearest range and take some target practice. If your very first shot of the year is at the massive buck you missed last season, your chances of success are probably not good. A little practice makes a big difference. You'll know that your weapon is in good working order, and hitting a target a few times is good for your confidence.
Make sure you have proper clothing to be outside for a while. If you have a heated hunting shack, make sure you have proper ventilation. Make sure you have clothing that makes you visible to other hunters that might be in the woods. Even if you hunt on private land, you never know when some knucklehead might wander where they're not supposed to be. Have a good idea where other hunters are or might be in the woods. Make sure someone knows where YOU are. Never shoot at something you can't be certain is a deer. If you don't know what a whitetail deer looks like, you probably should be doing something else.

If you happen to be successful, don't forget to ask about Sportsmen Against Hunger or other programs where you can donate some or all of your venison to people in need. Your deer processor can help you with that. The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and their clients love getting wild game!

Good luck, be safe and enjoy your time in the woods and outdoors of Michigan. Shoot straight! If you have any questions about licensing or hunting rules and regulations, visit: