Dad says performing breast augmentation surgery on his two hot daughters is no big deal. It's just body parts to him, he says.

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Dr. Michael Niccole doesn't understand the controversy regarding his decision to give his two daughters breast implants.

Brittani received her C implants on her 18th birthday. Her sister, Charm had her size B breasts taken to a size C. Both girls say the pressure of looking good in California's Orange County made them want fuller breasts.

Both daughters felt comfortable with their father performing the procedure. They point to his many years of experience as a plastic surgeon and say trust was a big factor in their decision.

Dr. Niccole says that critics "treat it sexually. I treat it just as another body part." He says that both girls would have had their breast augmentations done anyway and he felt that he would have given them the best care.

Mom wasn't happy about the dad-doctor's decision.

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