Welcome back to Michigan, Daniel!

Actor Daniel Radcliffe spent New Year's Eve at a Detroit Red Wings game with his girlfriend, actress and Flint native Erin Darke. He kept a low-profile during the game, but spent some time in the locker room with Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar.

Radcliffe told Playboy after his visit to Flint last Christmas that he really liked the Michigan press, and that they were "sweet" compared to the British press.

When I visited her home last Christmas, there was a media storm in Michigan. We were sitting in her dad’s living room, and the phone rang. Her dad said, “Um, it’s the Detroit Free Press.” They were calling about a rumor that we had gone there to get married on the shores of Lake Michigan. What was great was they got his number because he’s a subscriber. [laughs] I suddenly had that moment of, Oh, my weird life is now impacting your life. I felt really bad. Wonderfully, they found it funny. I have to say, I don’t normally read articles about me, but I read all of them because they were so nice. “He ate at a Bob Evans! He bought a T-shirt in downtown Flint!” These journalists in Michigan were so happy that I had a nice time there. Normally I deal with the British tabloids, so this was the sweetest media thing that ever happened to me.

Come back anytime, Daniel!!