We don't have to look far to find parents misbehaving.

Two fathers have been arrested following a brawl that broke out after a little league game in Georgia on Friday.

The incident began when parents of kids on opposite teams began arguing about the volume of the music that was being played. A verbal argument quickly escalated into a physical melee in which punches were thrown.

Ironically, the fight began just as league officials were about to hand out trophies to the players.

Video of the incident has begun to go viral. See it for yourself below, and get more from ABC.

But if a picture is worth a thousand words, this video PSA says infinitely more. It's titled 'Little Leaguer Goes Off On Dad', and unfortunately, it speaks to a lot of parents out there who may take their kids' sports a bit too seriously.

If you know a parent who's prone to flip out at a sporting event, make sure (s)he sees this.

And here's the video of that unfortunate incident in Georgia.