Hey, I thought I was the dad who invented this years ago, I guess not. I think all dads and moms do this, lift your kids over your head, between your legs etc, however I bet you didn't approach it as a work out . These barbells are made in America. Check out the video after the jump.A US father and fitness expert has written a book telling other dads how to turn their babies into effective gym equipment.

Mr Levitt, 36, a father of three, told The Guardian that it all started when his oldest daughter, Sircia, now eight, was a baby. When cuddles and soothing words had no effect, he lay down on his back with daughter Sircia on his chest and began lifting her up and down.

From there he developed an entire exercise routine, including moves called baby bench press, lullaby lunges and peek-a-boo pop-ups. Watch the video for some examples.