This soldier dad told his daughter to clean her room.

When she didn't, he handled it the way the military would.

Craig Schlichenmeyer told his young daughter to clean her chronically messy room. She didn't. Dad, a soldier at Fort Stewart, in Georgia, felt that he wasn't being taken seriously as a parent. He wanted to show his daughter, Haley, that he meant business.

Dad had previously threatened that if she didn't keep her room clean, he would handle the situation like the military would. He made good on that ultimatum while she was at school on Monday. The contents of her bedroom were taken out of the family home and on to the their driveway. Her bed, her desk and chair, her bookcase, her computer...all of it. She also came home to a large sign made of plywood and prominently displayed that read "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

Schiichenmeyer wants people to know that his daughter is a good girl, and gets good grades, but he wanted to teach her that she needed to take "ownership of her room" and to keep it clean. He also wanted her to learn that when her parents told her to something, she needed to do it.

The complete story is in the video below.