It was a chaotic weekend at the Fenech house.  We are still unpacking, rearranging and fixing things around the house. The kids have been good about keeping themselves occupied as my wife and I have been working non-stop to get the house in order. That is, until my oldest decided to cut my youngest son's hair.

When I saw that Ben had used scissors to cut Parker's hair right down to the scalp, the only way to fix his do was to shave his head completely. Everything was going fine until some hair got caught in the razor, and it changed from a soft hum to a loud buzz.  My two-year-old became hysterical.

After five minutes of trying to get the razor to return to the soft hum, Parker continued to ball uncontrollably. I told him that it didn't hurt at all, it was just a loud noise.  Not realizing that I didn't have a numbered length guard on the razor (I usually shave my head at a 2), I told him to watch me as I shaved my own head.

He smiled and asked, "Did that hurt, Dada?"  "Not at all!" I replied, at which point I realized what I had done.  Needless to say, I was able to finish Parker's hair with no problem, before I had to enlist the help of my wife to finish shaving mine.

Ben just had his hair cut before school started, and again insisted on having a Mohawk.  I explained to him that because of what he had done to his little brother, that I should shave his head too, so that we would all match.  I have never seen that kid get his act together so fast in my life!  He apologized about a dozen times to Parker, my wife and I before begging me not to touch his hair.

The look on his face says it all.  I told him that if he was a very good boy for the next few days, I would leave his hair alone.  However, if he acts out even just once, the three of us would be a matching set of cue balls. I may have had to take one for the team, but I love having leverage as a parent, don't you?