How much does a 13 year-old need to know about sex?

A very concerned father says this is way too much!

Mark Ellis is the father of a 13 year-old daughter who attends Hocker Grove Middle School in Kansas. She saw a poster in her school hallway that mentioned in very graphic detail some of the subjects that would be covered in an upcoming sex-ed class for her eighth grade class. She was so shocked at some of the terms that she took a picture to show her father.


Terms on the poster like "oral sex" and "grinding" caused him to think that the poster was a prank at first but he and his wife did contact his daughter's school. The principal informed him that these subjects were part of an approved curriculum that would be taught to his daughter and her class.

Is the proposed subject matter too graphic for a sex-ed class that will be taught to 13 year-olds?

More about the father's concerns in the video below.