It began almost immediately after President Obama delivered the news Sunday night.  Scammers, knowing that "Osama bin Laden dead" would be the most-frequently "Googled" words over the next several days, began creating malicious websites. 

Discovery News reports that numerous Internet sites popped up, claiming to have photos and videos of the recently-deceased bin Laden, but they actually contained malware, designed to infect users' computers, and collect personal data.  Scams also began to appear on Facebook, offering bogus deals from Subway and Southwest Airlines.  The questionable deal pages directed unsuspecting followers to sites hoping to collect personal information and email addresses.

It's amazing (and by "amazing", I actually mean "disgusting") how major news stories always seem to inspire a huge crop of scams.  The recent tragedies in Japan had the same effect.  Beware of any news stories, email messages or websites that seem even the least bit suspicious.  They probably are.