Customer decides to fire shots at a shoplifters outside of a Home Depot in Auburn Hills.

In an act that is highly regarded as "The WORST Possible Thing You Could Do", a Home Depot customer who witnessed shoplifters getting away, took out her gun and fired shots at the get away vehicle in the parking lot.

Auburn Hills Police say that the two suspected shoplifters were chased after leaving the Home Depot in Auburn Hills on Tuesday (10/5) afternoon. They fled in a dark SUV and another customer pulled a gun from her purse and opened fire in the parking lot at the SUV. It is unknown if she did hit the target she was aiming for. The shoplifters did get away and police are still looking for the suspects.

The Detroit News is reporting that the Clarkston woman who shot at the shoplifters does hold a concealed pistol licence (CPL) and is cooperating with the police investigation. It is still unknown if the woman will face charges of her own for discharging her pistol in a parking lot full of people.