New research indicates that dropping an F-Bomb or two at work actually strengthens bonds with coworkers, and relieves stress. If you've been holding back, it's time to let the expletives fly!

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The study, conducted by the researchers at the University of East Anglia, concluded that the use of swear words in the workplace enhances group solidarity and can help in the effort to relieve stress. It should be noted that the interpretation of cuss words is viewed to be more important than the words' "simplistic literal meaning."

This weather forecaster definitely relieved a little stress, and strengthened bonds with her coworkers in this hilarious clip! Oops!

The study goes on to say that not all workplace swearing is beneficial, such as when it's used to bully peers.

So where do you stand on this?

Remember this classic episode of 'Seinfeld' in which Jerry and company went on and on about how f---ing good the nonfat Yogurt was? It's one of my favorites.

'Modern Family' got a lot of attention earlier this year when 2-year-old Lily used a bad word in the episode called 'Little Bo Bleep'.


And in this commercial for Bud Light, which is called 'Swear Jar', there is a whole lot of workplace stress relief taking place!