Clowns have creeped me out ever since I saw Stephen King's thriller "It;"  Bozo, Ronald, even Krusty.  But nothing is creepier than Burger King's 'King' mascot.

Burger King launched a new ad campaign just over a week ago and made the announcement that the King is no longer!

The struggling fast-food giant, complete with new CEO, marketing chief and agency, is dethroning the creepy King — and other bizarre, teen-targeting stuff — and focusing on a customer they had all but forgotten, Moms.

The new advertising campaign boasts the limited-time California Whopper, served with guacamole, Swiss cheese and bacon.  Through a major twist in the Burger King image, the new commercial only shows video and audio of fresh ingredients being rinsed, sliced and diced.  There is no voice announcer reading any script, just music.  Burger King is also advertising the return of the Breakfast Croissan'wich.

According to senior marketing vice president, Alex Macedo, "People want a reason to go back to Burger King."  By spending the next year fixing the food, modernizing stores and updating its image, the No. 2 burger chain will convince folks it's time to return.  He adds "There are no plans to bring the King back anytime soon."  I say, "Hooray!"

No mention of any new mascot to replace the King.  What other mascots creep you out?