What that means is, you should keep an eye on your outdoor pets. Especially if they are cats or small dogs.

Liz Parker said when she looked out the back window from her home in Goodrich earlier this month, she had to snap a picture. In broad daylight, she was surprised to see a coyote walking through her Atlas Township yard.

She has kept a close eye on her dogs and cats ever since, but she's also very concerned about the small children that run around the neighborhood. According to Wildlife Experts, coyotes are deathly afraid of humans and human attacks are rare. But they can pose a risk to pets and small children.

They become a problem when humans intentionally feed or leave out food, and try to domesticate the animal or try to get it to come in and feed. That's when attacks happen. Wildlife experts also say coyotes are showing up in more developed areas for a couple of reasons. The number of humans and coyotes is increasing, and people are developing more rural land, which is pushing them in.

It may be more common to see coyotes in neighborhoods right now because the pups are breaking away from the dens.If you believe there are coyotes nearby, the best bet is to keep an eye on pets and children when they're outside and don't leave food out for the animals.