The allegations are being leveled at the Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility, a nursing home in Corunna. July 19, two African-American employees complained that they were given a heavier workload than white employees doing the same jobs. The employee said since then, the two employees have been off work.

That employee reported for work on Sunday, she was given part of the other two employee's workload. Later she and an African-American RN were told that they could not work with a specific white male patient. They were told no African-American employees could care for the resident.

The employee stated that the decision not to allow African-American employees to touch the resident came after the resident complained of being bruised by an African-American employee, but later the resident recanted and said it wasn't true. Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility  administrator Rick Cordonnier confirmed the employee's information. Cordonnier said the facility is complying with the patient's wishes in barring African-American employees from caring for him.

Rick Cordonnier the facility follows the same policy if a resident does not want care from an employee of the opposite gender. Sounds  like somebody would like to sue.