They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this AccuWeather meteorologist has paid a high compliment to ABC-12's Siobhan Riley. The object he drew on this weather map, while outlining a major winter storm, looks very similar to this bit of art work the WJRT reporter treated us to last June.

Kidding aside, we absolutely believe Riley's claim that her drawing was a complete accident. By all accounts, the WJRT reporter is said to be one of the biggest sweethearts one could ever meet.

We don't have the necessary rights to put up the AccuWeather video. Boo. You have to click here to see it in all its yellow phallic glory. (Stupid copyright thang.)


Click Below to See Ellen's Hilarious Take on Siobhan's Artwork

ABC-12 Reporter Draws Penis on TV, Ellen DeGeneres Reacts [VIDEO]

- George McIntyre
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