If you are one of the many who like to be "inked", you might be taking all the precautions that you can by using a reputable tattoo parlor where the artist uses clean and sterile tools, however,  new studies show the ink itself could put you at-risk by being contaminated.

Pre-mixed ink made with non-sterile water may be the possible culprit to skin rashes and infections.  Non-sterile water may contain mycobacterium chelonae, a type of tuberculosis-related skin bacteria.

It usually takes a week or maybe two before symptoms appear after being tattoed and that includes a painful rash or tiny bumps that appear to be an allergic reaction. If you don't get treatment it could cause some serious ailments, or possibly be fatal if your immune system is weak.

To make matters worse, it can take up to six months of treatment to complete the cure process.

Doctors advise people to keep a close eye on new tattoos, and to see a doctor if a rash shows up within the first two weeks after being inked.