My first question was, why in the heck would they want to do that? After reading the story, it really does make a lot of sense. The idea is to teach kids how to be responsible with money.

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Windsor Federal Savings opened a branch inside Windsor High School in September, and it's continuing to offer real-world experience to students.

The branch is managed and overseen by Windsor Federal Savings officials.  It's partially staffed by high school students who have had extensive training at various other branches, showing commitment, aptitude and potential that the students have.

The in-school branch is being called a great example of students actually being able to see a business in operation and apply the principals they learn. The hope is that it will bring attention to the importance of financial literacy for all students, and may be a catalyst for students to be better savers and potential investors.

Do you think putting a bank in a high sch is a good idea?