In an effort to protest cuts to the Food Stamps program proposed by House Republicans, US Representative Dan Kildee from Flint will attempt to live on $31.50 per week, equal to the amount of aid given to recipients of the program.

In a statement, the freshman Democrat said he is trying to prove a point.

“I hope to gain a better understanding of how difficult it is for many of my constituents to avoid hunger and try to meet nutritional needs."

All food purchased and eaten this week will be tracked and totaled, in order to see if the congressman can indeed live on $4.50 per day.

The Senate approved its version of the pending farm bill Monday, while the house is scheduled to vote on its own version later this month.

Republicans argue that spending on assistance programs reached record-high levels in 2011, but needs to be cut drastically now that the economy is recovering. Kildee argues that proposed measures will cut funding to millions of families who still need it.

- George McIntyre
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