We can all probably agree that Taylor Swift is leading a pretty charmed life, so maybe her version of what the age of 22 is like isn't really realistic compared to how the rest of us remember it! Check out funny man Conan O'Brian's rebuttal.

Taylor Swift works hard. I'm not denying that. And her love life hasn't been all that successful as of late. But she just cleaned up on another awards show, and has recently paid CASH ($17.5 million) for a stunning ocean side home in Rhode Island. Perhaps her idea of what the age of 22 is like is a bit altered! Let's check it out below.



I think Conan O'Brian's take on the age of 22 is a lot more on track. A $380 a month apartment, Ramen noodles and Lucky Charms and a car with no air conditioning! Check out his slightly sarcastic but way more realistic remembrance of being 22 below.



I was the exhausted mother of a one year-old with a crappy job! How were things for you when you were 22?