Miguel Caballero and his company have been making bullet-proof clothing for politicians and celebrities for 22 years, but since the tragic school shootings in Connecticut there has been an increasing demand from American parents for bullet-proof apparel of a different kind. Given the violent climate in some of today's schools, you might consider this an option for your child.

Since the tragic school shootings in Newton, Connecticut, Miguel Caballero has been faced with a barrage of emails from frantic American parents demanding to know when, and if, he and his company would consider designing and selling bullet-proof clothing for children. "We would answer that we do not make clothes for kids. But the emails kept coming." Mr. Caballero says. To answer the demand, in just seven days, his company designed children's garments and ran them thru a battery of ballistics tests. T-shirts, vests and backpack/vest combinations are now available, and sales are brisk in the United States. The line is designed to fit kids aged 8 to 16, and prices range from $200 - $400.

Do you think the demand for bullet-proof children's clothing is over the top? Would you send your child to school in a bullet-proof vest?