Sydney Spies is a senior at Durango High School in Colorado. I guess you could say Sydney got more creative in sort of a non-conventional way with her senior pictures. School officials say that she is  dressed like a pole dancer in the photo.

Is dressing like a pole dancer protected under the human rights code? Not sure, get the rest of the story and the picture after the jump.

In the shot, Sydney Spies, an 18-year-old dancer and aspiring model, is dressed in a flouncy yellow miniskirt with nothing for a top but a black shawl tied around her chest. The school's administrators refused to allow the sexy picture into the yearbook.

But the yearbook's editors said it was their decision and it had nothing to do with her revealing ensemble. Spies and her mother believe that school officials influenced the yearbook editors, who initially voted in favor of allowing the photo.

Sydney said the decision violates her right to freedom of expression, and she may challenge it.

Do you think the photo is to hot for the yearbook. Take a look in the video below.