Coca -Cola wants to be part of the solution, and to that end, they have launched new strategies to combat obesity, even in children.

The Atlanta based soft drink company has taken a lot of heat for its' part in making America the most overweight country in the world. In a new, anti-obesity initiative Coca-Cola is pledging to promote healthier, more active lifestyles, curtail their advertising to persons under the age of 12, make calorie counts more visible on their products and make more low calorie soft drink options available.It will also begin to display nutritional information on its' vending machines.

Muhtar Kent, Coca Cola CEO, is inviting other beverage companies to jump on the anti-obesity bandwagon. "We want to be part of the solution," he told CBS on Wednesday.


A recent Harvard study claims that the consumption of surgary drinks is responsible for 180,000 deaths globally; 6,000 deaths from cancer, 44,000 from cancer and 133,000 from diabetes. More eye-opening statistics from Harvard about "liquid candy" can be found here.

Have you found ways to eliminate soft drinks from your diet? Do you limit your children's consumption of sugary soft drinks? What do you think of Coke's anti-obesity initiative? Are they doing enough?