It happens a lot, don't freak out. Here's how you get through this slite to your friendship.

So, there you are, looking in your mailbox for that wedding invite from your really good friend. You were even talking about the wedding plans with them and how much fun it is going to be. After days and months pass without even a 'save the date', you realize slowly, that you are not invited. Ouch!

Yep, this exact thing happened to me. My really good friend didn't invite me to his wedding and I was hurt. We spent countless years being buddies, and when I didn't get an invite, it was super insulting. I started to wonder about our friendship and was blaming the bride for my hurt feelings. After making fun of how lame it was going to be and to try to pretend that I didn't want to go anyway, I calmed down and here's what I did.

Try to figure out why you were left off the list

I am not a person to dance around the point. I get right to it. So, in a text where I was responding to his, I asked where my invite was. No response. I started to leave sarcastic comments on his Facebook posts about his wedding. No response. Looks to me that someone doesn't want to talk about it. Not sure why, but this hurts even more. I feel like this is even more hurtful. What, I'm not even worth a response? Even a sarcastic one?

Vent to other friends who didn't get invited

I'm not someone who likes to drink 'Hater-Aid', but after trying to get an explanation, I was mad. I went to another friend who is in the same boat as me and we vented to each other. We would try to disguise our pain with jokes about how we are going to crash it anyway, how we are going to smash the cake and dress up like waitstaff to get in the door. Of course, we never would do any of these things, but it was nice to get out my feelings of frustration with another friend who feels the same way.

Harbor no resentment, accept you are not invited, and move on 

This is a hard one. Getting over the fact that you have been insulted by a good friend is the path to a better friendship. I hope to get there one day, but as of right now, it's hard going. I know there was a reason why I wasn't invited to his big day. I also know that maybe he doesn't want to make me feel bad or he thinks he's protecting me from the truth on why I wasn't invited. I just wish he would spill the beans on why, but if he never does, that's okay too. I will still take his calls, texts, and would hang out with him in a heartbeat because he's still my friend.

Don't you dare crash it!

I want to so bad! But I have to remember that this wedding day has nothing to do with me. I mean, if he wanted me there, he would've invited me. I have to respect my friend and not crash the wedding dressed in cut off jeans and a tank top chugging PBRs. Maybe.