One day after being placed on administrative leave by the Clio Board of Education, Dr. James P. Tenbusch has fired back at the board via a press release, alleging that certain members have made it difficult for him to do his job as Superintendent.

"...certain members of this Board have been much more interested in my failure than in my success. They have done everything within their power to make this job difficult on a daily basis -- motivated purely by their personal feelings of malice toward me. I believe these individuals have been party to a series of nefarious tactics that have been deployed to continuously manufacture controversy where there is none, level false accusations through a series of grievances, unfair labor practices, and promoting untrue rumors – all of which have proved to be unfounded and will continue to be unfounded."

With all this infighting, how does anything possibly get done?

It's been my experience that school administrators are famous for saying, "It's all about the kids," or words to that effect. Right after the politics, budget cuts, accusations, and backstabbing, it's THEN all about the kids.

Dr. Tenbusch notes that members of the Board of Education became embroiled in situations with his predecessors that resulted in legal action.

Unless the Board takes immediate steps to rescind their action and let me do the job I was hired to do, I will be forced to join the ranks of the previous three (3) Clio superintendents who have engaged in legal action against specific members of the board who serve on it in
order to expose these individuals and their activities.

Is there a pattern here? From the outside looking in, it certainly appears to a layman like me that confrontation and upheaval are the norm within this organization.

And it should be pointed out that responsibility for unrest rarely lies with one person. It takes two, as they say.

What's next for Clio area schools? What needs to be done in order to break the pattern, and put the focus back on education? We welcome your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dr. Tenbusch's press release can be viewed here.

Contact information for members of the Clio Board of Education are listed here.

- George McIntyre
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