A 19-year-old Clio, Michigan man probably enjoyed Katy Perry's Tuesday Concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills just a little bit more than the other 13,000 people in attendance.  Perry invited Lawrence Zeitz to join her on stage, but only after he agreed to leave his shirt in his chair.

When Katy Perry asked Zeitz for a kiss, he (wisely) looked into the audience, seeking his girlfriend Paige's nod of approval.   When the singer realized what he'd done, she exclaimed, "Oh, I love you!"

"It's definitely a moment I'll never forget,"  Zeitz told Cars 108 in a phone interview.  "I've been a Katy Perry fan from the very beginning, and I've always had a sort of celebrity crush on her."

Check out the video of Zeitz's onstage experience after the break.