As the Memorial Day holiday weekend approaches, Law Enforcement is cracking down on drivers and passengers who do not wear seat belts. Click it or Ticket says it all. Wear your seatbelts or get out your checkbook or credit card to pay a hefty fine.


Since 2000, it's been the law in Michigan. Across the United States, we lose the equivalent of a fully loaded 737 every day due to traffic crashes. That's hundreds every day. Many of which might have survived if only they had taken the two seconds it requires to fasten their safety belts.

"It's a law we can live with." Michigan law requires that the driver and all front seat passengers be buckled up. Also passengers under age 16 must be buckled up in all seating positions. Children under 8 have to be in an approved child safety seat or booster seat in all seating positions unless they are at least 4' 9" tall. Then they must use a regular safety belt.

Be safe every time you get in your vehicle. Avoid having to pay the $65 ticket.